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Last week I went into the park with my two dogs. And I made a lots of pictures with my new Canon S5IS. Of course that I posted some on Flickr (and also on Photobucket). The surprise came today… A comment left 6 days ago on one of my pictures saying: ” 😮 I think I have the sister of your dogs!!! 🙂 „. I clicked on the user’s link and I also expressed a ” 😮 „. I couldn’t believe my eyes… I was looking at a surprisingly similar dog!!! At first, I was thinking that, maybe, I found one of the other puppies my biggest girl gave birth more than 6 years ago! But… I was looking to a dog from Italy! 1364.4 kilometers away!!! Also, it is something common, I think, that two dogs from the same (pure) breed to have a resemblance but… I admit, I don’t have a purebred sitting next to me on the couch 🙂 . My old one, Daisy, is a mixed breed, a Cocker Spaniel with a Setter, I think… And the little one, Blacky, is… from her mother 🙂 , Daisy, and a Cocker Spaniel. Anyway, I always presented them as Springer Spaniel 😛 . But enough „talking”, let’s see the pictures 🙂 .

Daisy – born in Bucharest, on February 28th, 1997


Blacky – born also in Bucharest, on September 26th, 2001


Daisy (standing up) & Blacky (laying down, in the grass)

Daisy & Blacky

And here is Reika, almost 8 years old, from Varese, Italy!!!




You can see other Reika’s pictures here. And other pictures with Blacky and Daisy here.


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