It’s not over until the fat lady sings

And the fat lady will sing very soon… And she’s waiting patiently for her little number… And for her winning smile… And to say „goodbye”…

Why? Because I’m bored, because I’m sick of the stupid people around me, of their bad jokes… Because they laugh at my loyalty… Because I believed in my work and in my role there… Because I thought that I could change them, but I was wrong… Because I’m good and they are not so good… Because I don’t want to work with incompetent people anymore… Because I hate to be a teacher and I hate to coach everybody in their daily work with the computer… „How is this working? Why I can’t do that? Where is my text? How is this formula working? Can I do that? How do I arrange this? Why my table is printing on two sheets?”. And so on… Because even my boss wasn’t convincing enough in our little discussion. He demonstrate me that my 4 years of working there means a shit to him and to the others great managers… Because I was good as long as my mouth was shut… Because he thinks that he could replace me very easy, but he has no idea of what I’m doing exactly… Because when I asked him about my career in the actual company he started to tell me what I could find in other companies, even if I didn’t say literally that I will leave… And because his motives were as stupid as possible:
1. In another company you will have to work hard, will be stressed, will be doing hours, you will work on Saturday… (And here? I’m not working? I’m not stressed? I don’t have responsibilities? Hello, mister, do you remember those f***ing yearly presentations about the sales activity? I wasn’t doing hours? I wasn’t working on Saturday? And if I remember correctly, I was the only one doing that… The Accounting Department was in bed at that hours… even if the yearly report was about their activity, too);
2. The Human Resources Departments in the companies… They are watching every move you make, every mistake, every wrong step… (Whatever… I don’t do mistakes… 😛 And I strongly believe that the Human Resources Department has another role in a company… but I let you feel comfortable with your communist ideas);
3. And think that not everybody is offering you a legal salary. They will give you maybe as much as you ask, but only a part of it will be legal (Oh dear, if you know how many jobs I refused exactly for that reason).

So, he wasn’t able to give me at least one good reason to keep me there… He didn’t say a thing about courses (I asked him a while ago
to pay an SQL course or the advanced ECDL)… He didn’t say a thing about paid holidays… Maybe he wants me to leave… Maybe he is not the only one who wants me to leave… Maybe my late attitude and my choice of not being hypocrite and false brought me more enemies… But I already decided… Because I want to work with competitive people, because I want a change… Because I want to have something to discuss with my coworkers and because I’m not that kind of person which feels Catscomfortable in mediocrity and laziness… And because I choose that a long time ago… And I searched, and I asked and finally, I’m feeling that I found something interesting enough. And even the fact that Monday I will go to the second interview boosts my confidence… Because it’s not easy to have half of the interview in English and half to be asked in English and to answer in Spanish… And that proves that I’m good… 🙂 I know that I’m good but to have a confirmation of the fact that I’m good makes me feel so proud of myself…

And because I’m proud enough I will say you „Goodbye” as soon as possible… And I’m so proud of myself and I have such a great ego that I’m sure that the person which will replace me, if will know to do everything I know, will ask a double salary and after a year will leave… And he will know what he loosed… But anyway, I will be happy that the cat victimizer will be far, far away…


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