Too good to be true

Bulgaria’s Monsters of Rock Fails

Lifestyle: 19 July 2006, Wednesday.

Bulgaria has canceled its edition of the famous Monsters of Rock festival, media broke Wednesday.

Instead of a festival, Bulgarian fans of the harder sound will have to do with a sole concert, according to reports. That will be a show of Saxon and Motorhead, held August 3 in seaside Varna.

Media said that organizers had not named a reason for the cancellation yet.

Well… cum spuneam… Mă simţeam suspect de liniştită, suspect de fericită… Trebuia să se întâmple ceva… 😦

Bine totuşi că Motorhead încă merge pe mâna bulgarilor… De fapt Motorhead a fost de la bun început punctul de atracţie, pentru mine… Dar faptul că aş fi putut vedea în concert şi Gamma Ray, şi Annihilator, şi UFO, şi Axel Rudi Pell, şi Metal Church, şi…, m-a încântat vreo două-trei luni…

Acum n-am mai rămas decât cu Motorhead şi Saxon… SPER!!!

De pe site-ul

MoR Varna 2006Dear fans, Dear bands, The Second Monsters of Rock Bulgaria Festival
To our great regret we should inform you that the Second Festival Monsters of Rock in Bulgaria will not take place. Quite recently Mr. Kiril Yordanov, the Mayor of the city of Varna, dramatically changed the terms and conditions of the official authorities that we were familiar with and thus deliberately spoiled the event. He wanted, among other things, to ban the consumption of alcoholic drinks during the festival and to change the closing time so that the event can not happen in a normal and reliable manner.
The 10 months of hard working, organization and great costs spent for advertising, TV- and radio- broadcasts, press, performers, etc. neither impressed the Mayor, nor did they made him abandon his intention.
Although the Municipal Council of the city of Varna has passed a public written resolution authorizing the conducting of Monsters of Rock Festival, it was ignored because the political fights for power in the municipality seem to be more important than doing something for the benefit of the city.
Please send your complaints and proposals to the city of Varna’s official Web site at
We know that you are as disappointed as we are; we wanted, however, to organize such normal and reliable event as we were promised in order to avoid any mess, disorder and damage whatsoever for all participants, but in return we got this rejection.
We count on your understanding and we apologize once again.
We will, of course, refund all tickets sold for the MoR via
In 2007, MoR will take place in Albena and we will do our best to ensure that all bands scheduled for 2006 MoR will be present thereat.Yours truly,
Universum Entertainment Team

Ute and Nedy Cross

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