Over 74 Rock Bands Will Play in Varna

Over 74 rock bands from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia will meet from August,1st to August, 9th in Varna, near the Asparuhov Bridge to take part in “Monsters of Rock” Festival. The event will be 3km away of the bungy jumping point, near the Hydraulics Institute, at Varna lakeside. That was stated at the press conference by the organizers of the fest from “Universum Entertainment”.

In the beginning of June, the names of four more bands, which will be a surprise at the fest are to be announced, Martin Hristov from “Universum Entertainment” said. The real opening of the fest will be on August, 3rd and the legends Motorhead, Saxon, Fear Factory and UFO will play then. The ticket for the whole festival costs 149 levas till the end of June. It includes the parking and the camping. After June, 30th the tickets for 149 levas will be still available, but before that additional taxes will not be included.

The organizers stated that the price of the camping for the whole fest will be 15 levas, and for the parking- 10 and 12 levas. Tickets for separate days will not be sold. The main reason is that the goal of the organizers is to put a record for the longest concert ever, with no interruptions. If we start selling tickets for single days, we will not be able to accomplish this record, Nedi Kross, an organizer said. He explained that during the preparation of the fest, the Bulgarian purchase capacity was considered and that is why two other possibilities are offered. The fans, who want to attend to “Monsters of Rock” performance can buy a 110 levas ticket, but it will be only for the period from August, 5th to August, 9th, or a 80 levas ticket, which will cover the 7th-9th performances. This is the minimal price for such events.

The festival will represent a non-stop concert, which will last 5 days. This has never been done anywhere in the world so far . There used to be an attempt in England, but the separate stages were too far away from each other and there were big pauses between the different bands performances. We intend the pauses to be longer not more than 5 minutes, Nedi Kross said. The fest will try to improve another Guinness record- for the greatest amount of bands, that have performed on three stages. Many of the participants will come from Waken German Fest.

The final program of “Monsters of Rock” will be announced around July, 12th, after all of the organizational details are specified. Annihilator, Soulfly, MSG, Axel Rudi Pell, Udo, Ed Guy, Nevermore, Doro will be among the stars, who are expected. The festival will also give chance to Bulgarian bands to take part in. There are just three things, that have to be observed: first- the bands have to know how to play live, second- they have to be able to play live, and finally they really have to do it right.

Except for the concerts, Universum has also prepared huge attractions for the fans. During the festival the biggest Rock Fair in Bulgaria will take place as well. Just imagine 15 000 motor bikes at one place! There will be tattoo and piercing studios provided, and probably- bungy jumping. The organizers of the festival called for tolerance and lack of incidents. The admissions will be strictly watched, and no alcoholic drinks and drugs will be allowed. There will also be a lot of fans from abroad. Only from Romania, 2000 people are expected. The advertisement campaign of the festival has already been broadcast in Turkey, Greece and Ukraine, Nedi Kross said.

Source: http://www.beachbulgaria.com/varna/news/monsters_of_rock_en.html


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